Who Are You? Your Identity in Messiah Has Been Hidden DVD


An in-depth dive into the Scriptures to investigate what it really means to be grafted into the house of Israel.

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As many of us are beginning to see, the adversary has blinded the masses through subtlety and deceit in nearly every corner of life. In addition, he has also successfully veiled the identity of millions of believers across the earth. If your true identity in Messiah is hidden; then deeper theological lies become much easier to perpetrate. However, that time of deception is coming to a close. Our Heavenly Father is doing something special in these last days. Though the earth’s darkness and evil are increasing, so is His kingdom of light and Truth. Many are being woken up from slumber, hearing the call, “The Bridegroom Comes!” An increasing number of people are being shown the truth — the evil and deception of this world. As a result, many are running to our Messiah with true repentance, and a sincere desire to serve him, even if they don’t fully understand what that entails just yet. When we take that step out of the world and into his arms, we are often faced with the question of who we really are. Today, we would like to share the best understanding we have at this time; our true identity in Messiah.

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